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Services and Other Information

Although Sunday services are starting again from 12th July 2020, the pew sheet will continue to be put here for those who can't attend church or are still isolating at this time.       See for more information on services.

The church is open for services on Wednesday mornings (9:30am) and Sunday mornings (10am). The centre will be open for a service at 8am on Sundays.   The church building is not open at other times to ensure the church is cleaned thoroughly.

Service for Sunday 18-10-2020 > /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 18_10_2020.pdf

Service for Sunday 11-10-2020 > /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 11_10_2020.pdf

Service for Sunday 04-10-2020 > /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 04_10_2020.pdf

Prayers for October > /userfiles/Daily Prayer Booklet May 2020(1).pdf

Service for Sunday Morning 27-9-2020 [Harvest]  >  /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 27_09_2020.pdf

Service for the Taize Service @ 6pm on ZOOM >  /userfiles/Taize Service Sheet Sept 2020.pdf

Zoom Details -

Meeting ID: 730 3086 1885            Passcode: e5fzZF

Service for 20-9-2020  /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 20_09_2020.pdf

Service for 13-09-2020 /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 13_09_2020.pdf

Service for 30-08-2020 /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 30_08_2020.pdf

Service for 23-08-2020 /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 23_08_2020.pdf

Service for 16-08-2020  /userfiles/Service Sheet 16_08_2020.pdf

Sermon for Sunday from the Bishop -

Service for 09-08-2020  /userfiles/Service Sheet 09_08_2020.pdf

Sermon for Sunday from the Bishop -

Service for 02-08-2020  /userfiles/Pew Sheet 02-08-2020.pdf 

Prayer Diary for August  /userfiles/Daily Prayer Booklet August 2020.pdf

Service for 26-07-2020  /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 26_07_2020.pdf

Bishop Jo (Sermon)

Service for 19-07-2020  /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 19_07_2020.pdf

Service for 12-07-2020  /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 12_07_2020.pdf

Service for 05-07-2020 - /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 05_07_2020.pdfwill still be 

Sermon for Sunday from the Bishop -

Service for 28-06-2020 - /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 28_06_2020.pdf

Sermon for Sunday by Bishop Jo -

Prayer Diary for July - /userfiles/Daily Prayer Booklet July 2020.pdf

Service for 21-06-2020 - /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 21_06_2020.pdf

Bishops Sermon -

Service for 14/06/2020 - /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 14_06_2020.pdf

Bishop Jo Sermon -

Please check the service (pew) sheet this week for details of a bible study - spaces are limited.

Service for 07/06/2020 - /userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 07_06_2020.pdf

Bishop of Guildfords Sermon -

Bishop of Guildford Thank you to Volunteers -

Service for 31/05/2020 - /userfiles/Pew Sheet MAY 31st 2020 Pentecost.pdf

Bishop of Guildfords Sermon -

Prayer Diary - /userfiles/Daily Prayer Booklet June 2020.pdf

Service for 24/05/2020

/userfiles/Pew Sheet MAY 24th 2020.pdf

Service for 17/05/2020 and Ascension Day

/userfiles/Pew Sheet MAY 17th 2020 and Ascension Day_docx.pdf

Bishop Andrew Sermon -


Service for 10/05/2020

/userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 10_05_2020.pdf

News from the Diocese

VE DAY Picnic for Hope

Service for Easter 4 [03/05/2020]

/userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 03_05_2020(1).pdf

Bishop Andrew Sermon -

MAY Prayer Booklet - /userfiles/Daily Prayer Booklet May 2020.pdf

Service for Easter 3 [26/04/2020]

/userfiles/Service Sheet 26_04.pdf

Bishop Jo has recorded a sermon for this Sunday -

Service for Easter 2 [19/04/2020]

/userfiles/Service Sheet 19_04.pdf

Bishop Andrew has produced a sermon for this Sunday – Easter 2

Based on Gospel Lectionary reading of John 20:19-end. You can find it on this link -

Other Items added 17/04/2020

Rainbow Prayers - /userfiles/Rainbow Prayers.pdf

A poem 'Prayer' by Abbie - /userfiles/Prayer [Poem] by Abbie.pdf

Hidden Bible Books challenge - /userfiles/Hidden books of the bible.pdf

Service for Easter Day

/userfiles/Pew Sheet Easter 2020.pdf

Articles from April Magazine which wasn't published.

/userfiles/Magazine APRIL .pdf

Service for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Good Friday

/userfiles/Pew Sheet with Service 05_04_2020.pdf

Prayer Diary (With Easter Prayers)

/userfiles/Daily Prayer Booklet April2020(1).pdf